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My Marriage

My marriage has been in trouble from day one. My husband does not like me to share his bed or anything in his life. He does not talk to me properly, always abusive. He maintains contact with his numerous girlfriends, yet he prays, reads the Bible, and goes to church.


Need Financial Breakthrough

My husband and I are under a mountain of debt. We are slowly making headway but not quick enough. We can't afford much in the way of rent but where we live just doesn't feel safe anymore. We can't afford to move but definitely can't afford to stay there anymore.


Our Adoption

We have started the journey of our first adoption. We didn't plan to start this now but we feel God leading us to a little one with special needs in another country. We have signed the contract and started on our home study.


Prayer for my Son

Please pray for my 13 year old son.   I found out that he was molested at the tender age of 8.   He is just out of control, and I don't know where to turn.   He was in counseling for awhile, but it did not help, so I am pleading for prayer that he can be healed.


Mom's Cancer

My mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 years ago and her health is going down hill fast. I guess all I want for prayer is that her health stays strong and when it is her time to go that she goes peacefully and in no pain.


Prayers PLEASE

I just want to thank KLRC for keeping us encouraged every day. My husband and I just became grandparents from our 15yr old daughter who is really struggling. The dad is not really in the picture. The little one was born this past Saturday. She was tested coombs positive as well as having jaundice.


Pray for Me

Please pray that I would keep my eyes in Jesus and would not be pulled away or influenced by friends.


A Little Sick Girl

My friend needs prayer for her children.   Her daughter is in Childrens' Hospital in Little Rock, with leukemia, and her son is 3 weeks old and on life support.   They are both at the same hospital.   Please keep these children in your prayers and their parents as well.


Tanner Needs Prayer

Please pray for a boy named Tanner. He goes to my friend's church. He was taken to Little Rock today with a broken jaw and his brain is bleeding because he got beat up at school. Please pray for him and his family.