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I am in a continuing struggle with pain both in the form of phantom pain from a 2012 amputation as well as neuropathy pain in my other foot. This pain is nearly constant however at times (like last night) it is far worse.



Today I will receive results on a biopsy to determine whether or not I have melanoma I'm praying and asking everybody to pray with me for negative results I know God's got me but a little extra prayer doesn't hurt.


Prayers for my Son

My son re-dedicated his life to Christ 4 years ago. Three years ago he met and married a non believer. He has stopped going to church and gets defensive if you mention church. He allows me to take his two children and wants them to believe.


Prayers for Friend

One of our friends was just notified last night that she has breast cancer. Today, she should find out the plan, and they will be acting fast. Please pray for perfect and complete healing, wisdom and courage for those who care for her and for decisions made. Comfort for those who love her. Amen.


Lost a Coworker

Good morning, we had a coworker pass away yesterday early morning. She was a wonderful coworker and had been with the company for over 10 years. She is a Christian and I know she is with the Lord. She left behind a 12 year old daughter and a husband and parents.


9 year old son with ADHD

I am struggling with putting my child on medication, I want to honor God's will. He has been to three schools now, and they all say the same thing. I feel like I am exhausted from trying to fight not giving him medicine.


Sister needs Prayers

My older sister is going through a rough divorce. Her husband beat her along with other members of his family. They have taken the kids from her just because they know she needs them to survive. He took everything from her and now she is left with nothing.


Miracle Needed

I am needing a special touch from God in my marriage. We are separated and I'm fighting to keep my faith and fighting to hold on to my marriage. Nothing is impossible with God. Please pray for Gods healing touch in my marriage.


Starting over

I'm pleased to say that after a year of prayer the Lord answered our prayer and provided us with a new home today. The place we were living in had a bug problem so we are having to replace everything.   We are in need of several basic items for the new home.


My Son

I have a 6 year-old boy who has ASHL and if he doesn't take medicine, he is out of control. We have been struggling to find one that works and it's been so hard on the both of us.