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Prayer Center


Prayer for the release off fear and pain

I will be getting two injections in my lower back to help reduce the swelling.   Please pray for peace and that I will not have any fear during this procedure. Please pray I will not have any pain after the injections.


Pregnancy & C-section

I will be 33 weeks pregnant on Monday. I have had complete placenta previa since 18 weeks. It has not moved. My next appointment is on the 9th and if the ultrasound shows its still there I will have to have a c section and I just need prayers for peace and guidance.


Healing and Debt

Please pray for healing for my hearing loss, bad posture, body pain and blood pressure.   Pray for a clean bill of health for my wife, my uncle, and myself.   Also, pray for the debt we have incurred.  


Prayers for Physical, Emotional healing and financial stability.

My heart has been so broken since my husband of 12 years filed for a divorce and sole custody of the children.   Following the divorce, my mom who lived with me, passed away unexpectedly.   Since then I keep asking God why I'm having to deal with all this hurting, brokenness.



Please pray that I can cover my bills.   I know God will provide.   Also, pray as I am dealing with depression from the lost of a good friend.   Please help me to be able to work and not allow my depression to affect my job, self esteem and relationships.  



My 15 year old has tried to kill herself for the 5th time in 5 years. She is in the hospital and safe. Please pray for an intervention from God. She is very strong and has overcome so much. She needs God's grace, love, power, and touch. Please pray for this mama.



I was laid off in April. I since took a job just to survive. It is not a job that I enjoy or can thrive in my career.    I had a real hopeful interview yesterday for a great position that would fit me and my career.



My mom is having to go into assisted living, she doesn't have finances to cover that, so it's been a lot of stress on my sister and me to figure out her future. God is good, we know it will work out, but prayer is appreciated!


Our Nation

Please keep praying for our nation and the leaders of the nation. Also, keep praying for those hurt from the economic ruin from the pandemic. Pray that the Lord uses this to bring more and more people to Him letting a wave sweep through USA.



My stepmother is in the ICC COVID ward and is experiencing extreme symptoms, including kidney failure. My father is positive, has much milder symptoms.   I am requesting prayer for her and my father for physical healing in Jesus' name, amen. Thank you!