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New Job

After 16 years, my husband is taking a huge pay cut, but doing a job that he knows God called him to do. Please pray for our new chapter.



Please pray for my family. I am facing divorce but I know God is in control but it is tough to not worry. I know she is a good woman and I'm hoping she will find what she is needing and we can build the marriage that God wants us to have.


Be an Encouragement

My friend, Steve, is going through some tough things right now. Please let everything from me be positive and nothing negative so that I would not want to add to his pain



Please pray for Steven.   He has been addicted to pain pills for several years. He went to a clinic for a while, but he had to drop out of the program or lose his job. He dropped out. Now, several months later, he is trying to detox on his own.



I personally know 4 kids at my school, all boys. 1 of them is in serious pain. He is always being pushed around and being stuck with the kids that bully him. I am in 6th grade, and he is in 6th. He is shorter than everyone but is really big in personality.


Broken Marriage

I am mentally and emotionally exhausted from my marriage.   My wife has met another man and they are now exclusive. Our divorce is not finalized.   I need prayers for strength to let her go. To know God has bigger better plans for me. To understand why this is happening.


Travel Plan

Pray God blesses and protects us on our trip with family we hardly ever see. It seems things are trying to come against us, our daughter sprained her foot, one person cannot get off work, weather is bad, we feel cursed.   Pray God delivers us. Pray God breaks the curse.



I need a job where the environment is not too stressful and the pay allows me to tithe and meet all of my obligations. I have been made an offer, then I counter offered and I am still waiting to hear from then. This has been an on going situation since I relocated.   



My husband and I are under going fertility treatments right now. We had two failed cycles and losses last year. Please pray for our success in April and a beautiful baby for us to love on. Please.


Son Astray

My son is in an abusive relationship with his non believing wife. He decided to stay in the marriage for his 3 small children. The wife uses the children as pawns. Rarely do we see the children and my son because of the consequences.