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SARPA – Sexual Assault, Recovery & Prevention Agency

Locations: 589 White Rd, Ste. A, Springdale
Phone: 479-927-1025, or 1-800-794-4175

About:  SARPA is the rape crisis center in Northwest Arkansas, also known as Sexual Assault, Recovery & Prevention Agency.

Services:  SARPA offers all their services 24/7 free of charge, and all services are also available in Spanish.

Direct Survivor Services: 

- 1-800 crisis referral hotline
- One-on-one advocacy
- Semi-monthly support groups
- 24-hour advocacy escorts (medical/police/legal)
- Volunteer program

Education and Prevention:

- 1-800 education hotline
- Educational seminars and presentations
- Trainings to professionals
- Awareness activities
- Public resource library
- Volunteer program

Adult Sexual Assault Response Team with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Clinic:

Utilizing a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach, SARPA works with various disciplines to coordinate a response team when survivors need immediate assistance.  This 24/7 program is an alternative to going to the hospital or another medical clinic.  SARPA provides a private community based clinic, where a survivor can receive support, advocacy, education, referrals, and a medical examination by a certified or qualified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), who is specifically trained to work with sexual assault survivors and gather evidence for the police and prosecution.

The goals of the program are to:

- Provide safety, comfort, and support to the survivor in a private location
- Increase efficiency and effectiveness with working with survivors of sexual assault
- Provide a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to assist the survivor and the issues of sexual assault
- Provide a comprehensive and professional sexual assault examination by a certified or qualified SANE
- Provide a structured training program for supervising SANEs
- Increase reports of sexual assaults
- Increase the quality of evidence collection
- Improve the data collection for the issues of sexual assault in this area
- Increase follow-up and support services for the survivor and co-survivors
- Increase the prosecution of the offenders

How You Can Help: 

If you are interested in volunteering some of your time with SARPA, you can find a volunteer application on their website.
One of their greatest needs right now is for new and unused clothing as well as for funds.  A large part of what they do is the actual rape kit/exam which means that the victim will typically have to turn in their clothing for evidence.  That means they rely on SARPA to provide something for them to leave in.  Usually in this situation having something somewhat trendy can help them feel a little better.  The needs include: bras, panties, socks, pants/shorts, flip flops, shirts/tops, and hoodies.  Please remember that all items donated must be brand new.