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My life has been a whirlwind the last few days, but after 5 years of adoption "process," the work of 3 US senators/congressmen, prayers and support from too many friends and family to count, and a string of truly miraculous events, one faithful and powerful God brought our family of 6 together for the very first time Thursday night. Each time I walk in to check on sweet Ruth, I can't believe she is finally sleeping in the bed that has been waiting for her. There are no adequate words to express what this is like. Ruth asked me if America was in heaven, and it most certainly is not, but an orphan coming home is most certainly a really good picture of it (excuse me while I wipe away some tears).

I know so many wanted to be at the airport, but to help protect Ruth from getting overwhelmed we chose to keep it a little bit private. However, below is a special video for all who have prayed and encouraged along the way! 

Many have been so sweet to tell us that they have been inspired by "our faithfulness." If you were there in the darkest moments, you would be much more inspired by God's grace to carry us. His love is steadfast. For much of my life I never knew what that meant, but I'm starting to learn.

Welcome home, sweet Ruth. Like all of us in God's family, your identity has changed, but the journey of learning to live in that identity has only begun.