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Today, we called Mandi to tell her that the KLRC listening family and Sam's Furniture were going to make her family's Christmas really special this year!

You can listen to make the call right here:

If you didn't get a chance to hear Mandi's story, here's what her friend Stacy had to say:

Mandi is currently cancer free, but now is dealing with the recent loss of her brother. Her father was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year and Mandi is helping her dad and mom out.

Mandi is a single parent of 2 girls and is a Paraprofessional Teacher of special needs students at Fayetteville High School and is also on the board of the Single Parent Scholarship Foundation out of Washington County. She is currently working 3 jobs just to provide for her family and help her parents. They just moved into a new place and could use some items to make it feel like home.

Mandi is always helping others and this Christmas I'd love to be able to help her!

Thanks for helping make all 3 Christmas Wishes come true! If you missed them, make sure to listen to the reveals for Wish #1 and Wish #2 as well.