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Believing we can "have it all" all the time is a myth, a lie, and a joy stealer. What I do believe is that we can have God’s best for us.

A "full life" and "life to the full" are two very different things. One is about grasping, while the other is about receiving. One is about cramming in, and the other is about room to breathe. One is about striving; the other is about trust. One is about control; the other is about letting go — sometimes for a moment and sometimes for always. 

On my bravest and truest days, this is my tiny manifesto for the begging calendar and needy to-do list and noisy-noisy internet: I do not want to come to the end of life and say, "I didn’t miss out on anything." Rather, what I’m aiming to say is, "I missed out on exactly the right things."