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I read a quote just yesterday that made me smile and think. It talked about the universal phenomenon that happens on a merry-go-round. A child rides their carousel horse and every time, without fail, they will wave to their parent as they ride by. And every time, without fail, their parent waves back. 

There are wonderful "All In" times with God when he and we are waving at each other. We smile and say, "I see you, God! I know you were there for me! You are waiting for me, you are delighted with me." 

And he smiles back and says, "I see you child! Keep going! Hang on! You're doing great." 

And then, there are the times when we're on the other side of the carousel, feeling a bit alone. Maybe fearful? And that fear gives way to the voice of the accuser. What if God is there, just waiting to scold us because we're not riding properly? Or, what if we come around, and he's not there at all? Surely he's got better things to do. 

How can I say I am All In for God when I'm smack in the middle of a dark and lonely time? For whatever reason, you may feel you cannot possibly be All In for God right now. But you must remember, even in the darkest, most doubtful, desperate times, He is always, All In for you. 

Psalm 103 Reminds us, "As a Father has compassion on His children, so the Lord has compassion on all those who fear Him." 

You will come around again, and you will find him waving, and waiting for you.