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Stories of Hope


God Came Down Through a Song

I had to share with you some wonderful news!!

My husband has been a stay home dad for a little over 8 years and now works the night shift, so while I was sitting down to dinner tonight with my kids, I had KLRC playing in the background.

Somehow it brought up the topic of salvation, heaven, and hell. My kids and I got to talking about it around the table.

Well, my middle daughter (6 years old) said she was afraid she was "going to go to hell" and I asked her why she thought that. She ducked her head in shame said because she never asked Jesus into her heart. So, I softly asked her if she would like to do that now and she said, "Yes!" So, we did it right then and there!!

Some may say she is too young and doesn't understand, but I beg to differ as I too was only 6 when I accepted Christ, and by His saving grace I still follow Him to this day!

Thank you, KLRC, for being a part of this amazing and joyous occasion!! We all jumped up and down just like the angels in heaven and made it a very big deal!

God took time to come down tonight through a song on your station to save a little girl who was lost without Him. Thank you again for taking part!!!