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Stories of Hope



I was driving my daughter to the doctor Monday morning when my phone rang. It was Mark and Keri from KLRC Morning Show. What they didn't know was it had been a very long weekend. My daughter has been sick for about a month. We were at the Emergency Room on Friday, and we were heading to the doctor because she wasn't getting better. Frustrating, because we don't know the reason.

My daughter was crying softly in the passenger seat. I was surprised with the call, but I know God's peace flooded my heart and was present in the car hearing the gentle voices of Mark and Keri.

God ministered to me through that short conversation. I had been wondering where God was. Was He hearing our prayers? Did anyone care? He gently reminded me that, yes, He does know and He does care.

Mark and Keri didn't know what I was experiencing that morning, and the call had nothing to do with that, but God used them to bring me back into His presence.

Thank you KLRC for your ministry, your commitment to share God and share joy, and the uplifting presence you bring.