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My friend, Jill, told me that when she struggled as a child with nightmares her mom encouraged her to read Psalm 23 and Psalm 29.  Reading the 23rd Psalm made sense to me. For those of us who grew up around church we know it’s the classic passage for reminders to trust God in the deepest and scariest of valleys... but Psalm 29? I had to look that one up. 

In Psalm 29 the song-writer David pens a beautiful lyric about God’s powerful voice... strong enough to “thunder over the mighty waters” and “shake the desert”.... and then comes this truth:  “The LORD gives strength to his people, the LORD blesses his people with peace”.  That’s a huge promise for us, especially when life feels like a nightmare. 

You and I are likely to face some scary stuff, and yet our Father (the one who’s voice is so powerful He can speak the galaxies into existence) promises to be our source of strength and peace today! 


 "The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace..." - Psalm 29:11 (NIV)