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Drive-Home Blog

It's "What We Learned Friday" here at the Drive-Home. The part of the show where we talk about all the amazing things we learned this week! 

My cat woke me from a nap on Sunday to present me with a gift. A very un-dead mouse. Apparently he thought I needed a hunting lesson. Click play below to hear the rest of the story. 

In addition to that valuable lesson, here's a few more things we learned this week!

Coffee Alarm Clock - For anyone else who has trouble waking up in the morning (Ansen and Kara raise their hands), the coffee alarm clock is going to be a reality soon. The only problem? What's your motivation to get out of bed if your don't even have to go to the kitchen to get your coffee? 

Windows Quick Assist - Have you ever had someone try to tell you how to fix a complicated computer problem over the phone? Or have you ever been on the explaining end of that phone call? Does it ever feel like you're trying to describe how to diffuse a bomb over the phone? "Cut the yellow wire..." "There is no yellow wire!" Ansen is excited about this new tool from Windows that will allow him to remotely access his parents' computer so he can fix it without trying to translate all the tech lingo.

Drone Pizza Delivery - The future of pizza delivery will apparently involve drones, with humans supervising nearby. Just in case the drones decide to revolt and steal all our pizza. That would be terrible. 

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, friends!