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Drive-Home Blog

This week on the KLRC Drive-Home, Kara talked about how a friend told her these words: "I just feel so behind."

Many of us have probably uttered that phrase regarding some aspect of our lives. It could be related to relationships, work, parenting, or something else entirely! But if everyone feels like they're "behind," does that mean we aren't really behind? Who are we comparing ourselves to, anyway? We talked about these questions and more...

Unicorn Frappuccino - Apparently this is a thing? It's pink and blue and weird and strange. I do happen to like sour candies, so Kara tried to procure one for a taste test. Turns out they're sold out at most locations. So it really is a unicorn! Maybe I dodged a bullet...

Oxford Comma - There's a big debate in my household about whether or not the Oxford Comma should be a grammatical requirement. You probably don't care. But this company that lost a ten million dollar lawsuit probably does!

Cats Like Squares - We learned that the new trend among cat-owners on Twitter is to tape a square on the floor and see if their cats will hop inside. Kara decided to give it a try, but her cat couldn't care less. We probably should have expected as much.