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Sean Sawatzky

Sean Sawatzky's passion for broadcasting began at age 10, when his parents gave him a small Radio Shack mixer so he could make his own mix-tapes. He began working on-air just after his 16th birthday and finds broadcasting even more rewarding now than when he first started. When not at KLRC, Sean likes to spend time with his wife, friends and family, and enjoys riding his motorcycle on scenic Arkansas roads (often with no destination in mind). He and his wife also enjoy serving in their church.

8 Questions with Sean

How long have you been at KLRC?
I started working full-time at KLRC when I graduated at JBU in May of 1996. At that time, I served as Program Director for the station and was the station's first full-time staff member. In May of 2000, I moved into the GM role.

Tell us about your family!
My wife and I were married at Eureka Springs' Thorn Crown Chapel in August, 1995.

What are your favorite hobbies or interests?
I love riding motorcycles -- we have some wonderful roads in NWA for this! I also enjoy cars, electronics, most things "technology." My wife and I love our church (Fellowship Bible in Rogers) and our community groups as well.

Favorite soda?
Who calls it soda? My favorite Coke is Pepsi. :)

What is your favorite movie?
You'll have to ask my wife. I always forget if I've seen a movie until about half-way through it! Like most guys, I like action & comedy movies.

Who is your favorite artist that plays on KLRC?
Really? Just one? David Crowder, Rich Mullins, Needtobreathe, Tenth Avenue North, I could go on...

Do you have any quirky habits?
I have no idea why? but almost everytime I pick up a magazine, I start reading from the back. Maybe I want to see how it ends?!

What's your favorite part of working at KLRC?
Since I obviously have a hard time picking absolutes, I'll limit this one to two: 1) Being a part of an incredible team makes coming to work every day a complete joy. What we have here is so incredibly unique and I am so priviledged to be a part of it! 2) Being a part of something so much bigger than yourself. KLRC impacts tens of thousands of lives, not because of anything any one of us is capable of doing, but because God chooses to let us be a part of His greater work in Northwest Arkansas.